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Short Link & QR-Code Generator

Welcome to X61.ch

This service gives you the opportunity to change a long url to a shorter format, see Examples.

The service is completely free!

This web application has been developed by:

papers.ch web service development


Using with the browser

You have found a product on EBay and want to show it to a friend via email. The link to the product is:


Now this is quite a long URL for sharing via email, the possibility that it breaks is quite big, that's why you just copy/paste it in our "Short Link Generator" and you'll get a much shorter URL like:


Speeding up the link creation with a toolbar bookmark

Simply drag and drop the following link to your browser toolbar:


Now the link generation will be 'super-fast' :)! Navigate with your browser to the site you want to share, click on this bookmark in your toolbar and the link will be generated instantly!

This little screencast created by the PAPERS.ch team shows the whole procedure:

Using with your Android Phone

aLink for Android

The PAPERS.ch development Team even created an Android application to use x61.ch from within your phone. The application is totally FREE and can be found in the Android Market searching for "aLink".

Here you can download the application directly from the Android Market to your phone.

Using with curl from commandline

Create automated short links with X61.ch is easy using curl. Let's say you want to make a short link of google:

"curl -F url=google.com x61.ch"

Or here the general form:

"curl -F url=$URL x61.ch"

Happy scripting! :)


If you encounter any problems/bugs using the short link generator or have any thoughts about how to make X61.ch better don't hesitate to write us an E-mail

The E-mail address is: admin@x61.ch


Here we'd like to thank our partners for their support:

PAPERS.ch - main supporter

If you wish to become a partner or support X61.ch in any way, just contact us

Terms of use

x61.ch is a totally free service. The service gives the opportunity to change a long URL to a short one. Do NOT use this service for illegal purposes! In case you encounter any x61.ch URL used for illegal purposes, please report that link to us. Any reported link will be verified and if it results illegal, it will be deleted! X61.ch cannot be held responsible for any possible illegal use of this service! This service is provided without warranty of any kind.